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April 08, 2007



They say the world is getting smaller! I would be so at home with those bon-bons. Enjoy. Mary.


Hi Al
I know EXACTLY how you felt, we are even more limited than you!! Mum & Dad bought us out stacks of goodies that we hadn't seen/eaten in 5 months! Advacado & plums, steak & kidney pudding for Chris, fruit corner yogs for Luke, it was like Christmas!!!
No Easter eggs for us this year, the ship didn't get here in time!!
Love to you.

The Border Tart

Hello, I've been following your blog for a while and admiring your crafting but could not resist giggling tonight when I saw all your 'must have' purchases of sweets and the crisps that were devoured before the camera could catch them!


Industrial doses of gastronomical treats then.
As long as you limit yourself to racing round the garden and not up the tree with Trumpet.
Just for the record - there is now a Cool Britannia shop in Lower Hutt


Yummy. Those are all different looking candies to those that we have in the US. I love candy shops like that, so many choices! What are the letters and the bon bons made of?


I had jars and jars of old fashioned sweeties that i weighed out and sold in pretty bags in my shop - 1 year later and a whole dress size bigger!!!
They had to go!
Enjoy your goodies
Tracy x


Please, please, please NEVER give me the address for Cool Britannia - it would be too hard to resist a visit or two, or three or four.....especially with longer winter nights coming up!

mary jane

So important having food from home! I used to go to Harrods for peanut butter. What a pretty little dream of a shop Cool Britannia is!


I just found your blog via Kelly at Nesty. Love that you are living in NZ and loving it (although yes it has just suddenly become bitterly cold here in Christchurch). I've enjoyed reading your posts. I'll be back!


Wow!! Looks amazing! Yummy:)

Felt Tastic

What is it about that little wellington shop. I found it too on my last visit there. And I walked out with a quart of bonbons and some flapjacks & fruitsalad. I could have sat in the shop for hours just choosing - luckily it was closing. And I've lived in NZ since 1990 .... the craving for bonbons NEVER goes away - It's just a good thing an island seperates me from that shop.

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