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June 23, 2007



Your orange fabrics make me happy! And love the pin boards too. I've been meaning to make one for some time- if only I was going to be able to call in on your stall! You look like you've been very busy- maybe I need a list to keep me focused too :)


Will you be joining a class or dieting on your own?
Hurry up and eat all those sweeties before Tuesday:)


I have decided that scarves are a girl's best friend in frozen Christchurch! Did some more pukeko spotting today. I wish I was "driven." Gosh what a wonderful thing to be.


Hullo Small

noticed your 'keyhole scarf' dilemma. Have a look on my site ( our mufflers. They are a cunning design with a looped end that works in the same way. Peasy to make. I could mail you an instruction sheet if you fancy having a go.
Oh, and thanks for the online tip about Etsy. I'm now on there as Blairandbundy.


Gosh - didnt expect to be featured in the posting, and didnt know about the Tuesday diet kick off - if you eat them quickly you might just get a head start to any weight loss.
I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour - at the fair, with all the examples posted I know it will be a feast for the eyes.
Have a good week


Looks like you've been really busy. It all looks lovely.


okay, so much goodness here i don't know what to comment on! your list made me laugh. how sad to have to cross off 'cake' though! thank you for the mention too- i think your scarf is so pretty and i am greatly admiring of that buttonhole execution. have you been wearing it yet?

French Knots

Your pinboards look lovely, great colour combinations


Hi Alison,so many "Lovelys" that you have made, and so much "Inspiration" Where do you get all that creative energy?? and I so wish I was as organised!! that is such a great gift to have. I would love to order one of your beautiful pin boards? would that be OK with you? they are so lovely, you have been so busy, I bet Trumpet has had a huge part to play in these creations,it must be such hard work for him all that multi tasking, snoozzzzzzzing and supervising at the same time. I am sure you will be sold out very very.....quickly,and there will be alot of happy people going home with all your lovely things.


I had another look at this entry before tackling the new me (as inspiration, not procrastination). Oh those goodies look sooooooo good to eat. Sadly no sweets for me now I've got braces. I really want to try a chewy lemon drop! My orthodontist would be very fierce. I'm still allowed chocolate. WHAT A RELIEF!!!


Those pinboards look fab! And oh doesn't puss look content!

Hayling Angel

Could do with a couple of those pinboards, door stops, coasters, in fact anything Agnes Coy. Great work Alison, love it.

Mary @Sew to Sleep

Beatutiful fabrics, lovely creations and yummy cakes. Altogether a perfect post. Than You for sharing. Mary


Love those pin boards, and the idea of The List. I am working on my list at the moment as I am on school holidays. Love your blog


It's Sunday morning and I have been up since 6.30am it's raining and has been for about week....Looking at your blog, as usual, makes the sun shine!! I love the new hair cut. I have also been crafty today and stuck some boggle eyes onto a comedy stone I found at the beach last week in Pevensey Bay - little things make one smile eh?!!!!

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