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August 03, 2007



Threads magazine has some good instructions for zips. I use the instructions for inserting invisible zips from one of the magazine, so much easier than I've read anywhere else. Here's a link to the website


Looks like you have been busy! I always have that problem with the ends of my zips too. If the Girl Friday's were able to help you out, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate you saring your tricks :)

French Knots

Looks like you squeezed a lot into your week! I need to make some curtains for my work room, hopefully will squeeze them in next week...or the week after...!


Well done with that zip!


gorgeous, all of it. i especially love the linen binding on wool blanket - what a great idea!


Thank goodness - I thought I was the only person with zip-a-phobia...I hate the bloomin' things.

Rose Vintage

Just got over my zip phobia by following some web tutorials and it was a lot easier than I ever thought it would be! Next time I'm going to have a bash at the invisible zipper tutorial that Frances posted in her earler comment. I love your fabrics btw...Sunny here at last in the UK but only until the weekend, back to unsettled weather next week!


Whew!! - do you ever take time to recharge those batteries.
As always your tallent impresses. Have a great weekend


Hi AL, I dont know if this is your problem or not but when I bought my new sewing machine, the man gave me a quick tutorial and he said when doing zips, you should start at the bottom, sew up one side, then start at the bottom again and sew up the other side. If you start at the top of one side, sew down , around the bottom and up the other side, it will not be even. Does that help at all?


Well done! Yet again. You have been busy. The tip about always sewing in a zip beginning at the same end, is a good one. Have you thought of sewing in the zip on the two flat pieces of fabric, before the purse is sewn up?That way the ends of the zip will be sew into the side seems when you machine up the sides.If it is to be lined in another fabric, make that up seperately .Turn purse inside out, drop it into the lining which is right sides out and sew the lining to purse along the sides of the zip. Then turn it all back to the finished item.Hope that sorts out the untidy zip ends.


Tomorrow will see the inserting of a zip into the silk gown I am making for Glamorous Actress Friend's press night. It's a concealed zip, too.

Wish me luck


mary jane

What beautiful detail shots. Such beautiful fabrics. I love to spy what I now consider "my fabric" put up to other uses! I blog-loved you today!


so much goodness in this post- and i suffer from just the same problem with my zips. have found the previous comments quite helpful, though.
i really love the fabric you lined your little purse in.


I have a terror of zips, I am fairly sure if I was a little less tense while putting them in then they would zip a little easier. The purse looks lovely though, I always love your choices of fabrics and colours.


I have no idea where: but I saw the technique of sewing a little bit of fabric to each end of the zip. I tried it once and it seemed to help. The zippy purse is lovely and nice curtains too. When I lived at home I lazily let my mum knit all the necks of things!!!


It's like a little zip confessional, we're all confessing! I have yet to brave a zip but I think it's about time I try it.

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