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December 15, 2007



What a wonderful week you've had. I love your Christmas decorating, so stylish. Our tree was decorated by 5 kids and looks like a glorious, tinsel-covered train smash!

Poppy Black

So lovely to hear about your holiday, and to see your divine Christmas house. Have been up to visit Mr and Mrs Canterbury Tales. There are wee touches of So Tread Softly all around the house- gorgeous! N makes an awesome sales rep. Can't wait to get the new house so I can have some So Tread Softly goodies. Despite still not feeling too good, I am so excited about Christmas. I love my family so much and can't wait to see them. Yay for Ma and Pa Tread Softly being here! XXXX


aww you sailed right by my front door. Did you see me waving? I must come visit myself in the new year. Lovely colours going on in your lounge. love the wire tree and the stockings.


Beautiful pics and I just know Ma & Pa are having the time of their lives! The fish n' chips look great - luckily we now have an authentic local pub (Irish owner) and at long last can get pretty good ones here.
What veggies! You must share growing tips - mine never look like that!
Decorations are awesome, just as I knew yours would be.
Have a fun holiday season down under.


Your minimalist decorations have me drooling. Oh to feel so serene. Thanks for sharing.


Your decorations look lovely, so clean and simple. And I am so jealous of your garden produce, I wish mine was producing at that rate.


Hi Alison
what a lovely post. Sounds like you are having a lovely time with your parents visiting. Also fitting in a 'meet up' with Melissa must have been great - lucky you two.


Lovely photos Alison, thanks so much for sharing. Great you got to meet Melissa and perhaps it's your flash raised beds that have created such fab looking produce!!


thank you, alison- it was wonderful meeting you too!
enjoy your lovely organics. x


beautiful but i dont see the llama?


Great blog which I have been waiting for and looking forward to.
Looks like a lovely week in the south
A touch of class in Carterton with your Christmas decorations - such flair and
spectacular results from the garden boxes
Great stuff


Good lord, I almost feel relaxed from jusr reading about your holiday. The photos convey so much!


Ha! I remeber NZ christmas! So funny to see the organic veggies in the same post as your christmas tree! (how I long for fresh vegges rightnow!) I sooo miss the beach! Especially when the crisp white snow is now brown, and yucky. Cant even pull a sled over it! But NZ looks glorious! Have a great christmas!


Gorgeous photos Alison. I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family. You were right I was wearing an Agnes Coy brooch in my photo shoot. I just love them! I must get on with sending you a new parcel of fabric. In the New Year?


oh nelson! i dream of nelson! we had such a lovely time there. i will make a note of your cottages website for when we day.........


what a great week. love the veges in the garden!

have a fab xmas :)

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