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April 13, 2008


Poppy Black

What a lovely day! I had a goodie too. Autumn is lovely. I am soooooo envious of the bag of glorious treasures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXX


Oh Alison, wasn't it just a glorious day! Today I just know we live in one the most divine places in the world! So funny, we had a garage sale yesterday, it was so much fun, we had a dozen people lining up outside our gate 1/2 an hour before! Scary!


Hi Alison
lovely pics, lovely tops, lovely linen. As always a lovely post. Thank you

French Knots

What a wonderful gift, a whole bag full of treasure!
Your porch picture is lovely, I'd like to be sitting there with a good book enjoying the sunshine.


Looks like the perfect day all round. Loving the bag of loot from a kindly soul. Obviously, they can appreciate the new life you can breathe in to it! Have a good week.


what a beautiful day you had! that linen is pretty special!
i don't know if i've mentioned it here before, but i'm so proud of the way you've really thrown yourself into life in NZ. especially the fair-scene... all your hard work is paying off! :)

Brierley & Clover

Aren't surprises like that lovely?! Lucky you!


some of the best autumn photos I have seen (well that were taken in NZ)

you make me want to go outside!

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