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June 22, 2008


French Knots

What a good idea, a new tradition to connect with the heart.
Your sewing helper look very knowledgeable!


What a terrific idea. I love Christmas - any excuse to celebrate it twice!


I know how you feel, I am also an English gal living in NZ. We went out the other evening and it felt like bonfire night! I think that a mid winter Christmas is a great idea, what a FAB way to brighten up winter!!!! Think I might have one myself.. thanks for the inspiration X

Lovely Living

what a great idea, we were planning to put on the christmas tree this weekend. I realy miss the dutch christmas. And I'm quilting a christmas wallhanger at the moment , just because of the christmas feeling.


I love my Christmas barbecues but I would love a midwinter holiday just once. This looks so cosy! And I love your little helper, mine is nothing but a nuisance when I sew.


That is such a sweet idea, your photos look so warm and inviting! xx

deborah dulcie

Love this blog, very inspiring and now want to get my own sewing machine!! Any recommendations for an able but beginner

Miss Dot

oh Trumpet you are just too cute for words.


Tis a wonderful tradition indeed.
You have captured the warmth and celebratory feelings associated with the northern hemisphere Christmas. Its always great to share and enjoy good food and company - you do it so well.
Cute - Trumpet


I love this post Alison, such a fabulous idea. And Mr Trumpet, could you be any cuter?!


Our NZ friends said it was a change for them to celebrate Christmas when they moved to the states - they were so used to sunbathing at the time not freezing weather. I just recently read that some NZ's celebrate Christmas twice - once in mid-winter and once in December.


What a nice thing to do to make yourself feel at home in your new home.

Does Trumpet ever lash out and try to 'capture' the machine foot? Because my cat does, and it stresses me out a lot (also now I have to sew VERY slowly).


Just stopping by quickly to let you know that I've moved blog homes, you can now find me at:

Hope you can drop by sometime, I'll be back soon to catch up with you.


quite a lovely idea. way to bloom where you are planted!

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