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June 29, 2008



So neat and tidy! Ahhh those were the days, before children, everything had it's place.... xx


A shop of one's own? Now there's a dream coming true. You will make it wonderful I'm sure.

janet clare

how exciting! A studio and a shop, that is a daydream come true.


yes! i can picture all of the above! this is my dream too(i would be happy with the studio you have at present)i am sure your visualization will make it all happen. sending good thoughts your way,


I love your studio space as it is, how exciting to have a new larger space! It's very neat and tidy too, it must be lovely to sit there and create.


Great studio, so neat and tidy and inspiring! I look on drooling with envy. In my house there is only just enough space for our new baby.....guess I will have to wait a bit longer for my own crafty space....sigh! You must be super excited about your buildng project, good luck!!


Is this project on your property at your house or is it at another location? When you say shop so you mean workshop or a retail shop? It all sounds very exciting. Love your little studio space in your house.


I have just acquired a revamped downstairs as my studio - it is so good having a real space but I am NOT tidy. Tell me more about the shop?


What a great studio and the shop sound wonderfull. Good luck with it.


I totally see it and it sounds so cozy and inviting. Sort of like your beautiful sewing space now only even better. I hate being at oppostie ends of the house from Dave when I sew, it's so isolating.


how wonderful!
your current space looks quite a bit like my home - yet much more clean. (sigh)

Sweet Mary

All looks and sounds lovely - I want to visit that shop!


What a lovely studio space- so inspiring! Now I need to work an alcove off the lounge into my "needs" list in a new house! I love the sound of your new studio too.


I see it! Definetly see it!! It's gonna be a fabulous studio and awesome shop. Nice if you keep us updated!(and your current studio is lovely too)

dirftwood shack

Oh How exciting1 I had my own workshop and then fell pregnant and just couldn't keep it up so I'm madly Jealous of yours its going to be so lovely-please keep us informed with loads of picS!

mary jane

I see the new studio too, really nice, I love the blue. But I have to say I'm smitten with the look of the "before" garage too. We have nothing that resembles this in my neck of the woods, very intriguing with those circular windows like vertically stacked portholes.


Oh Wow! That sounds wonderful - I'll keep looking er I mean squinting.
Good Luck
Mary x


It sounds like a divine place to create!


So very exciting Alison! Can't wait to see the finished product! (will you have a tv corner for Mr TS? ha) Your studio is furnished beautifully. I love your desk, and the sweet green cabinet behind.

Hi Alison

What an amazing space it will no doubt be!

I love reading about everything as usual. I have been tagged and am now tagging you for


Have a lovely exciting time planning everything!
Love Emma xxxx


What a happening place.
Yes I can see it all and have no doubt that the finished project wil be impressed, functional and beautifully constructed. I look forward to the progress reports.
Best wishes


What a wonderful work space you have - it all looks lovely. I especially love your little table. How wonderful to be building a studio and shop, I will look forward to the updates!


how wonderful, i wish i could muck in i love good transformation, the best invention after the sewing machine and vaccum cleaner is the broom, it will be amazing watching it all get sorted i hope to see lots of treats along the way. good luck MR TS if he is doing the project good luck Alison with the filling the shop up. regards catherine


I see it, I see it - and can't wait to really see it Alison! How great it will be - even a shop? I'm coming to visit and buy your pretty stuff one of these days!

Good luck - meanwhile share some makeover pics with us as the changes take place, please!!!


A studio of one's own...magical. Looking forward to the transformation.

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