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June 15, 2008



The top and dress both look lovely, beautiful fabrics too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make next.


Wow!!!!!!!! Alison you never cease to amaze me, I love both items that you have sewn, but like you I love the flow of your gorgeous dress, you are so clever at everything that you do, a real inspiration. And dear Trumpet what a cute face he looks just like a child thats woken up after a long nap!! Warm Wishes Alison.Regards Amanda.

Poppy Black

I love the clothes! You are so clever. No time for sewing around her. Just frantic gardening and organising. Trumpet looks so cute with his rumply fur and his sleepy face. XXX

Well done. I have always wanted to make some clothes and would love to do a class. Pasha and I love watching Project Catwalk and Project Runway - I am sure you are very considered when doing your sewing. Knowing me I would end up flinging the garment across the room as I no doubt got entangled with cotton and sequins! Love Emma x


The silk top/dress is gorgeous! Well done. Trumpet is awfully cute too.


Nice work! I thought of Carly Harris as soon as I saw that second one.


Wow, the dress is absolutely STUNNING!! This has really inspired me to get off my butt and do something about wanting to how to sew......X


Gorgeous! I love the fabric from the kimona. Realy nice job. x

driftwood shack

That dress/top is lovely- you are very clever! I have been dressmaking for years and I dread slippery silks, you must be gifted!

Lovely Living

I love the dress and the fabric. Well done, great inspiration.


Thanks for your lovely comments again about my rather pathetic attempts at papier mache. Yes you are right you make the basic shape using masking tape and newspaper and then do a two layers of newspaper and wallpaper glue. It took the whole of the first day just to make the shapes. It is great not doing the whole inside in papier mache though because it dries much faster - you have to bake them in the oven on a low heat for about 20 - 30 minutes! Dont go out leaving them in - a bit tricky on the old insurance claim form details otherwise! Yes, I left a papier mache rabbit cooking in my oven!
I would have loved it for us to both have gone together. Perhaps when you come over next we could plan a trip together. Miss you oh creative one!
Love Emmaxxx


If you don't wear any of them send them to me !!!! they are beautiful!!!!!! Watching England V NZ in the cricket at mo and thinking of you two ! xxxxxxxx


Oh, that dress is just gorgeous. Did you draft the pattern yourself or is it an adaptation?

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