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July 10, 2008



What a clever solution!


I've always wanted to try making tags this way but I have stuffed too many printers to risk it! Spotlight has freezer paper occasionally but you're probably better off with Trade Me anyway.

The Shopping Sherpa

Make sure you heat set the ink with a hot iron on the back side of the fabric...

jessica daisy

what a great idea! What is freezer paper, and can you get anythuing similar in the uk do you know?


Great post and so funny to look back at your sewing room post - mine is like a bombsite in the name of 're-organisation'! xx

dirftwood shack

I've never heard of freezer paper but in the UK we have a product called t-shirt transfer paper and you can print photos and text straight on to it from a printer. I used it on my E is for egg post (on the vintage egg cushions) if you want to see what I mean.....

kate Shuttleworth

oh... the beautiful Wairarapa.


What a beautiful photo. We have certainly had some lovely days lately. What a good idea for labels - I thought I might stitch some on my machine - as yet just an idea!!!!


wow wonderful....
labels really do make all the difference and we need to get on that. can you please let me know where your order yours?



also I have added you to our blog roll, I hope you don't mind. Let me know if that is a problem :)


Hello! I just found your blog through Kimberlee and Lies page and I'm flying down to join the Swonderful ladies for Craft 2.0 this weekend too. Can't wait to see your gorgeous things after reading the interview.
:) xx Liv


Picturesque indeed
I'm impressed with your labels - great solution and in keeping with the handmade products they marry up with. Self sufficiency and natural creativity are alive and well in your world


Spotlight has Freezer Paper and it's way cheaper there than other places like quilt shops.


those labels are very chic, love them. great job!

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