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July 31, 2008



what lovely spreads of food and crafty things! Gorgeous!


hiya, thanks for stopping by, its so good to hear from you. If it makes you feel any better we have had 3 "sunshiny" days this summer, so probably not better than your winter! i love carrot cake, you should have sent me some! I would love to see you, come soon!

Lovely Living

We had great craft weather isn't it,bit stormy, I loved it. You made a lot of great things, your curtain is looking great


Your tika masala looks AMAZING :o) I think it's awesome that you don't have a toaster or microwave. I don't have a car or a television and most people just don't understand it. My dad actually bought me a toaster against my will... I told him that I didn't need one. The oven worked just fine :o) Oh well. Simple living is nice. Your carrot cake looked very delicious, too. Great post!! Take care & enjoy a fantastic Friday.


Awwww thanks for the lovely mention honey. I had such fun picking out fabrics for you. I just chose what I liked best, easy :-)

Have fun and I look forward to seeing what gorgeous things you create with them x


what a productive hibernation.

your house looks very beautiful, that new curtain is so you can walk around in your PJS without the neighbors getting an eyeful, right?


I could easily hibernate if I could be allowed to play with all that beautiful fabric! You have put your time to wonderful use - the lavender pillow is so pretty.



What lovely comments - thank you so much! Life is tres busy at the moment so this is only brief. I am really glad you got the Julie Arkell book - what appalling wrapping. I suddenly realised I had 5 mins spare to pop to the post office so dashed in to the house and did a crisis wrap on it - hence no note or anything with it! Kids were in the car and I was wrapping it in the hall keeping an eye on the car! Hopefully I will be able to wrap something with care and send it you along with a nice letter! I love wrapping presents so I was mortified at having to send the package to you in its state! Thanks for the up date on all your news - your blog has made very interesting reading. I have not had enough sunny hours yet to envy the winter months yet but I am sure by the end of September I will be looking forward to Autumn. Have not been on a very hot holiday this year so my tolerance of warm weather is still high! I cant blog for the next few days but hopefully will have some good photos by the weekend to post! Lots of love you smasher! Love Emma x

Five Flowers/ Emily

What yummy food and projects! Do you have a favorite chicken tikka and popadom recipes? My Indian cook books leave a little to be desired!


i would love to toss our microwave; but manlyman insists he cannot live without it.

the curtain is pretty. getting things checked off the dreaded to-do list is such a relief.

happy hibernating :-)


What a yummy looking posting
Love the latest handmades's


c'mon woman, you are BRITISH afterall, get out of that hibernation mode and write up another post please. We are the ones who should be hibernating, its summer here and we are still waiting for some sun...any sun...even a smidgen!


The pillow is gorgeous. Is there any way we could get recipes from your dinner? I love chicken tikka masala.


oh, man. so much lovely stuff in this post! (as usual..)
all of the food looks beautiful and now i think i'm going to have to bake something, even though it's 8pm andi've just finished all the day's dishes. :)


ha. your header made me a bit homesick I must say. We don't have a microwave or a toaster either - although we do have a hand mixer and a food processor - vital for making hummous, pate and cake!!!


Hullo. Just browsing through blogs and stumbled upon yours. I've enjoyed looking at all the lovely things you make. The lavender pillow is very sweet! And the carrot cake looks delicious, and the daffodils look jolly - one of my favourite flowers. I understand your addiction to making poppadoms - I like making flatbreads, which is probably a similar recipe.

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