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October 15, 2008


Sweet Mary

I love my bed - tea, a book, newspaper or some craft work. Bliss!

janet clare

definitely the sofa! Bed sounds good too but then I wouldn't have my fantastic angled light then.

And yes, in Britain the porches are tiny and right at this moment probably full of dead leaves, conkers and damp dog! well, mine is.


Mmmm-what an inspiring place to work.No porch here, but lovely pattio doors leading onto the garden. That's where I sew, summer and winter.


In Portugal it's the Varanda, if you are fortunate to live in an actual house and not an apartment. I bring my grandmother's old chair outside and crochet in the sun. Usually there's too much light and I have to give up after half an hour!

Jannelle favourite place to be is my bed...not it it, but I love sitting on top of it in the sun reading, hand sewing place away from the kids for a few precious moments. (the door handle is high and C. can't reach it)xx

Lovely post Ali. Lovely to see your work and where you work. Typing here now, I feel a bit chilly. The sunny pic of the veranda has warmed me up a bit. Love Emma x

jacoline (lien)

I totally agree with you, we didn't have them in Holland but it is the best spot ever.


Every time I read your blog I get another step closer to emigrating.
WETA would employ me, wouldn't they?


my cozy armchair in the great room. it's next to a sunny window, so the light is perfect for hand-work, & the sun streaming through feels delicious.

it's also the part of the house with the most open space, so i can work whilst my 10yo quietly builds with blocks, or some other project that spreads out :-)


I also love sitting outside on our deck. My favourite time is in the weekend on a sunny morning, sitting outside having a coffee and reading the paper.


Oh how I long for a porch...... I get jealous every time that I pass a house with a porch and as you know there are a lot of these here in NZ, just NOT MINE!!! Our next house definitely has to have one..... My favourite place to be at the moment is on my couch in the lounge (when the kids are all in bed). The walls in our lounge are painted Morrocan spice and it just makes the room seem warm and cozy.

Your studio is coming along nicely, lucky you!!!! X


hiya, missing you. your porch it gorgeous. It is the thing I miss most about being home in the US. Nothing is quite like a front porch. The weather is getting so cold here now, its nice to see your sun shining! hope all is well with you both.


you all sound so cozy, in seattle, I like to sew with my feet over the heat vent, in a small room to hold the heat.

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