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October 28, 2008



Great garden ideas - your plants look great. There's something wonderful about eating food you have grown yourself!


Clay pipes! What a great idea.xx


Your garden is looking great - I wish I were more disciplined about pots and containers - the watering always gets away from me in the end.

Daisy Steiner

The perfect way to recycle!


Those are some wonderful ideas for container gardening. I've got an old tin bucket in the shed which would look lovely planted up next summer. I do envy you that you're looking forward to the summer in NZ, here in the UK it's now dark by 5.00 pm and the forecast for the week is winds from the arctic - brrr!!


I never mind pictures of Trumpet! I like the way his whiskers seem to glisten in the sunlight.

Your garden inspires me!


we just ripped everything but a row of fennel, & one of scallions from our beds. it was painful, but they were all in need of new soil, & loads of amendments.

for now i'll drool over your lovely springtime plantings. i love the bucket, & the wooden boxes. great job!


What a great way to use old pipes! Your kitty is adorable! I am so envious, I miss my little baby. Beautiful pictures!

jacoline (lien)

It's great to work in the garden and use what you have. You have more than you can imagine. And the best food it what you grown yourself. I love your idea


Hey Al,

Your garden looks wonderful. It's pouring down here and really dull so the pictures of your lovely sunny garden were most welcome.



Trumpet is adorable! The more pics the merrier! He's so cute and looks so wise.


I love love love the pics of your garden. Very inspiring, but I hope that inspiration can last til April!

I envy your upcoming season, not so much mine!

And Trumpet is adorable, as always.


I love Trumpet. He's such a handsome boy! And always seems to 'go' so well with your lovely things.

Does he have a NZ meow?!


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