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November 02, 2008


French Knots

Nothing like a looming deadline to focus the mind! I'm sure it'll go really well.


Ah. Deadlines. Brings back memories of staying up all night building talking boxes and flying carpets then dashing, at 8am with no sleep, to a draughty school hall, jumping into the stripey tights, jamming a flowrpots on our heads and singing "Mingy moingy! Mingy moingy!"
Them was the days. lol


have a wonderful time! see you when you get back.

jacoline (lien)

have a great time and enjoy it.


Hi Alison,
Thanks for responding to my comment! Yes, I also live for comments. I get so few, but every one is like a gift. I'm going to have to check out how your craft show went. I, too, am getting ready for a show -- my FIRST one!!! I sell some handmade stuff but then vintage things also. We shall see! Good luck on your show!


Good luck with your show. I am doing one on 22 Nov the Vintage and Handmade one here in the UK - set up for bloggers - gawd knows how it will be - either loads of people or no-one! Isnt the song good fun!

Love Emma xxxxx

Dee Pavay

LOVE LOVE LOVE the puffs on the sweater!

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