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June 12, 2007



What an inspiration you are - you have this knack of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. I can imagine your delight at your garage sale find of retro fabric -- serendipity at work I think.
Love the bedside tables
I too have had a great week so far - I have also changed my entry web page to So Tread Softly.


Wow! It's all so beautiful, but I seriously, seriously, jealous about those stools. You have a great eye.


What a beautiful dye job I would never have thought of doing that! It's making me want to go out and buy some cream thermals :)


where have i been...everyone has posted loads and i haven't read any of it...i have caught up now and i really do admire the lovely bedside tables and oh me, oh my what an amazing find those fabrics were...sometimes it's just about being in the right place at the right not in bed lying around lazily in the morning but up with the crows off hunting for the early morning you think i have made up for lack of comments in the past few days :)


What a fantastic entry! The stools are transformed into vintage masterpieces, and I absolutely love the dye colours. I'm wondering what I can transform. Keep the news coming- it brightens up my day! Ps. I want an Agnes Coy big flower for my coat!


what a wonderful post- you do indeed have a great eye for old stuff that can be revived into beautiful homewares!
i really, really love those thermals. i'm going opshopping tomorrow.
p.s. i'll be keeping an eye out on trademe for your fabric... ;)

janet clare

thanks for the link!


Those stools are great. I just love finding bargains like that. Really like what you've done with those thermals too. Really gorgeous colours.


I love the dyed thermals - such soft scrummy colours! I really am naughty for not taking advantage of the plethora of car boot sales we have in England - I just am not up early enough usually. I like the idea of 5pm garage sales - seems more civilised to be rooting through stuff on a front lawn than in a big field at 7 in the morning! By the way, the stools look fab!


well done you:)
What a lovely fabric stash, not sure if I could sell any of it.


Hmm I haven't made it to a car boot sale yet and I've been here 3 years!! Not being a morning person I'd be over the moon if they started at 5:30 PM. I'm going to have to get myself to one soon! Love what you've done to the thermals.

Mary @andsewtosleep

Oh boy sounds like you,ve moved on from car boots in a grand way. I love that fabric - lucky you. Mary


Love how you gave new life to those woollies! Pls post when you've posted the fabric on TM!!

Hayling Angel

Where do I begin, am so delighted to have caught up with all your happenings, what brilliance and inspiration to all, fabulous, another door did open. By the way I thought I was the only person who had trouble with right turns, mind you it was with a motorbike, I did a course a few years ago but kept coming off when turning right, needless to say I gave up with a preference for four wheels!


wow, what a stash of fabrics! and the colours of those undergarments are gorgeous!! great job.


do make sure you put up a link to one of your trademe auctions so we can see all that scrummy fabric !!

mary jane

great long-johns! Good luck with all your pending busy-ness. I love the boost I get reading your blog and the burst of ideas! Thanks!


Wow, you have been super busy being fabulously crafty! I've get to set aside some time to do fun stuff. Time feels like it's been going so fast here lately.
What do I love in this post - the tables by the bed - genious! The fabrics - proof of destiny. What is that juvenile print plisse on the top? I bet it's cute. The dyed wools - your genious is showing again. That's really a great idea for old natural color thermals.

Bye for now, Carol


Hello, I popped over for a visit! You found some real bargains, you have to get to the car boots in Brighton really early to get anything good! That fabric stash is amazing. Have a good weekend.

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