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    7 march 2009
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    11 april 2009
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September 22, 2007



The things for the stall look lovely!! So does your garden!! I have to wait till November to plant some tomatoes as we still have frosts till then and the plants die!!!


Good on U and Mr Tread Softy
Love your flax flower

your stall looks interesting :)

Happy gardening


Love the look of the raised beds! I'm so ready for summer!


So pleased that the fair went well for you, the flax flower is brilliant I'd never seen one before. And those raised beds are just wonderful, good luck with your gardening adventures,

Violet & Rose

So glad to hear the fair went well. Your stall looks beautiful. Did you sell those little birdy cushions? If not, I know a home across the Tasman they can come to? But who am I kidding? Of course they would have sold!


Your stall looks great - i'm glad the fair went well. Well done for building your own website - I wasn't brave enough to do that (blogging has stretched me to the edge of my technology capability). I would love raised beds like that in my garden. I've got an allotment but it is the other side of town, and our garden really is a postage stamp. How lovely to have such space.
cathy X


I love the raised garden beds, and they will give great pleasure as you tend to their production needs etc
I echo earlier comments about the hand mades on the stall -no wonder you did so well.
Variety is the spice of life, and with such varied interests all your passsions will stay alive and remain exciting for you and us reading about it.
WEll done on all fronts


So glad the daffodil fair went well for you. Your gardening efforts look great. It would be wonderful to have your own olive tree. Sounds very mediterranean!!


i'm so jealous of your raised garden beds. they look so good. happy vege gardening to you!

and oh, my. your stall! i wish i could have visited in person!


Love the raised gardens, you will spend many pleasurable hours producing good stuff.
Not surprising you did so well with your stall - your hand mades look lovely.
Your interests are so varied - those breaks as you pursue other things will only service to heighten your creativity and passion. Will have to keep watching this space.
Good luck with the website
Well done

The Devil Makes Work

Wow, your stall looks fantastic. I wish there was some funky craft fairs down this way I could sell at, but there doesn't seem to be. Maybe I should try and organise one - if I ever got the time!!! The garden is looking great too. NZ does look wonderful.


oh my word - your raised beds are simply to die for!!!!

We planted an olive by our deck too - I think they'll be just wonderful there.


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