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October 06, 2007



What a sweet pup! We like to check out the pet store from time time- lucky we have a pup to go home too, otherwise I would be too heartbroken leaving them behind! (You can probably get one cheaper than that through a breeder- but I didn't tell you that!)


What a cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeee puppy!


Our puppy cost about that much, but I could quite easily justify it because statistically people with dogs live longer, and are healthier. I just deducted the cost from my (nonexistent) gym budget ;-)


cute puppy

wow!!! $1200

Praying for that meeting on Wednesday hope it does work out for you


What a cutie!! We saw $1200 puppies the other day and I nearly choked lol.
The embroidered birds are great!!

Violet & Rose

Ooohh, gorgeous, gorgeous, lovely lovely. We are very "escited". You're a treasure Alison!


Hi Alison
what a perfect little pooch. Shame he costs so much. Thanks for the link to Victoria's blog - such an amazing tutorial

Emily Perry

cute dog! love the things you are working on... so perfect!

Poppy Black

Yummy puppy! So pleased you have been having such a happy time crafting etc. Definately need your advice on house colours. Although if you had the puppy you would have a good idea what messy creatures they can be (yes Miss Dog, I am referring to you). XX

Poppy Black

Does anyone else have trouble working out the letters on the human verification thingy before you can post your comment? Makes me feel rather silly peering with such intensity trying to work it out!


Love at first sight eh?
I couldnt imagine life without my K9 family - they are so unconditional and adorable. One might even say cheap at half the price

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