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May 15, 2008



Cool! Gum nuts :)

The Shopping Sherpa

I so want to learn to screenprint. Terribly jealous of you and amazed at how beautifully your print turned out...


Free, seriously? Where? It came out looking so good. And linen, love that. But I must be honest, my dirty mind has turned some of the drawings into...dirtier things.


Inspirational! Looks fantastic, will have to give it go! We are so lucky to have that art space.


wow! i think i want to move to your town..
i adore your first screenprint. gum-nut linen. what could be nicer? xx

Daisy Steiner

You are so lucky to have such a fantastic resource so near to you, and free! Wow, how cool.

I love that screenprint, great work.

Poppy Black

I love screenprinting. I've done it with our art teacher at school and my students (hand over hand). It looks fantastic on paper or fabric. Your design is great. I've got a screen etc around here somewhere. I'll probably get around to doing some at the new house when I can work outside. Wouldn't fancy textile ink on my carpet! XXX

Five Flowers/ Emily

perfect! I had just found a "gum nut" this week myself! I was going to watercolor it (in all my free time, so that means I won't get to it)... I love what you did. I have never screen printed, but it looks soooo cool! Beautiful result!


What a lovely design of the gum nut on your fabric. So simple yet realy atractive.I think the stitching around the outside makes the finish look stunning. Will look forward to seeing more colours in future work, and find out what the fabric print will become.



my thanks to helen as well. my 10yo gave me his treasured gum nut for mother's day, & we couldn't figure out what it was, or from what tree it came.


Wow!!!! Alison, you have made a really great first attempt at screen printing, and I just love how you have put sewen the stitches around the edges it really finishes it all off. It would look really great as a pillow cover, or even just framed in a lovely wooden frame for on the wall. What a lovely resource you have in town, to be able to go and try out different crafts.Have a wonderful weekend. P.S I bought my lovely boots!!!
Kind Regards Amanda.


Gum nuts! Do you remember those beautiful, melancholy stories of the gum nut babies? I think it was an Australian book about tiny children that wore gum nut hats? I remember feeling quite spooked by the books as a 5 year old although I can't remember why!


what a lovely print from such lovely nature. you can make screens (for printing on fabric not really for paper) using nylon curtian net, the kind with the really tight weave, use a staple gun and stretch it over a wooden frame made by Mr TS if he is willing. look forward to seeing and reading more stuff.
regards catherine


I love your screen print - it looks like good fun. I live in the Wairarapa - where is the art place? Would be a good place to go and get creative! Pottery would be fun (and probably very messy!)


Your first try is genius :o) I love your design, and how you showed your the whole process... from inspiration, to fabric... (well, almost the whole thing... I can't wait to see what it becomes!) Thanks for sharing that. That art resource place sounds awesome. What a great thing to have around. Take care :o) xox, Linnea


Ooooh, free art place. Might be a good excuse to pop over the hill to the Wairarapa more often. Where is it?
I love your first print and the gum nut inspiration! And it looks great with the stitched outlines.

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