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January 22, 2009


Heart Felt

Wow, the shelving looks fantastic, what a great idea. Professional actor! You are full of surprizes...xx




Shelving looks beautiful. Couldn't believe it when you said your favourite novel was Jane Eyre - its one of mine too but I also love Wuthering Heights.


oh yes the boxes look just perfect! you did a fabulous job.

unfortunately i'm now craving lemonade.


The studio looks fantastic! You must be so proud and so pleased. :-)

I love the idea you did with the nail boxes. It inspires me to do something similar with similar wooden boxes stacked in a corner of my garage.

The lemonade sounds yummy!


Your space is really coming along! V. inspiring. Am off to try and move the boxes in my space around so I can get in the door!


I love it all
The lemonade treat sounds perfect
Life is GOOD


I stumbled upon your lovely blog a few months ago and I would so love to know what the paint is called that you are using in your studio and for the boxes? Is it the same paint that is on the wall behind your Christmas tree in a previous post? If you could tell me the name (or names) it would be wonderful.
Sarah in Whangarei


Wow. Your studio is looking lovely. I would also like to know what the paints and colours are.

Much love to you Alison.



What an interesting way to line shelves! I'm going to try that!


Argh!! My blog reader hasn't been picking up your blog feed for who knows how long so I totally missed this. It looks soooo gorgeous!! I can tell I am going to be a customer!!


Your studio/shop looks wonderful. I just love the idea of lining the boxes with the pages from a book. You have a great sense of colour.


I love the repurposed nail boxes! They are certainly very cool.

Your studio looks fabulous. I would love to visit sometime!

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